VIDEO: Aishwarya s Stage Performance TOIFA

VIDEO – Aishwarya’s Stage Performance
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Aishwarya’s stage performance at the Times of India Film Awards held in Vancouver on April 6th, 2013. Ash danced to a medley of her songs from Jodhaa Akbar, Taal, Dhoom 2 and Devdas. Not much energy from Ash but she moves very elegantly and graceful.
What do you think?

PS. The quality of the video is low. It was taken by a fan. The full show airs on Sony in June.

32 Responses to “VIDEO: Aishwarya s Stage Performance TOIFA”

  1. Born NOV 1 says:


    But I heard at the end of the show, their was KAJRA RE with Abhishek and Shaimak…..

    Any Video of that…. Please….

  2. Michelle says:

    there was Kajra Re with Ash, Abhi and Shaimak. Video isn’t available yet.

  3. Masterstroke says:

    She looks ETHIREAL. Yes, I would have liked a bit more energy from her (even more so after her breathtaking performance on miss india) but I have absolutely no complains if she is looking THAT beautiful. One fan on twitter even said that when her performance was announced, Abhishek stood up in excitement! How sweet!

    JUNE?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? god bless the person who recorded and uploaded it. WOW. Who takes THAT much time to air an award show?

  4. tulip says:

    Did we all see the same
    performance? Some people
    are praising her dance
    moves????? She was
    constantly in “hands up’ position. She is too jiggly and big for
    her old performances. I hope she
    loses weight and tones so she can
    actually dance again.

  5. tulip says:

    was bored n stopped the
    video halfway! She looked
    spectacular in the
    beginning when she is coming down to the stage! But apart
    from that, it was a boring

  6. tulip says:

    I always thought she was
    one of the best dancer in b
    town… But disappointed
    her.. She is just moving her
    hands … Very monotonous !!!! She needs to jump
    around otherwise she is not going to
    keep those weight off.. I am guessing
    its her health that’s making her keep
    those weight and that kind of dance

  7. Michelle says:

    Ash is most always very deliberate with her moves on stage. Sometimes she just needs to let go but I think her training as a dancer comes in and she seems to just want to perfect her moves.
    Here also I think she was playing more for the audience at home then she was in the crowd.

    She looks beautiful but it isn’t a very good performance. I agree. I think it’ll probably look better on tv. We’ll see.

  8. Michelle says:

    btw, comment from fan who was in audience

    Ruth M ‏@Ruthm_r 7m
    @AishwaryaRaiWeb @ashforeverno1 she moved like a dream.. The audience cheered the most for her among all d female performers. I also wrote..

  9. satyajit says:

    wao…….breathtaking………..I loved it.

  10. tulip says:

    i think you are right michelle, but the performance was really slow………………..actually very slow………………we are expecting more after femina award……………shamak has done very bad job this time………………i think the whole mistake is of shamak…………………..he could do better with ash…………….BTW ash was looking gorgeousssssssssssssssssssssssss………………….very beautiful…………and slim………….now i cant wait till june its very long ………about 2 months remaining…

  11. Masterstroke says:

    wow, calm down. you are talking like she slipped on the stage. obviously it was the choreographer who is responsible (I don’t blame him. he is a friend of aish and he wanted to give aish some easy steps. she was doing fast steps in Femina awards because it was pre-recorded, sans audience. maybe he thought better safe than sorry. and you cant except her to jump up and down on such slow classical numbers.
    BTW did YOU wrote the same comments on Pinkvilla too or you just copy-pasted? keep the negativity out, let the positivity come in. :)

  12. Ash says:

    Trully a magical performance. Aishwarya looks absoloutely beautiful. Its great to see shes getting back to shape. I shall look forward to watching the full performance in june.

  13. Check out realities tulip

    all the major indian,canadian sites are praising her as her e.g Ibnlive,NDTV etc

    twitter is buzzing with praises for aishwarya by those who seen live

    and ths MR/MS choosing negative comments.ha.ha.

  14. @tulip

    does ur PC/mobile open only pinkvilla(cheapest site ever)… All good sites are banned or wat..

  15. Sorry to say but.. Who says aishwarya’s performance was not gud

    either dont have mind or they dnt knw ABCD of dance.. Or they r just want to see katrina kaif, or porn stars sunny leone naked with there frozen faces

    i dnt knw where wil india go..going low day by day

  16. Aishfan says:

    it’s funny cause shahrukh khan and salman khan can do any mediocre performance on stage, salman hardly moves his feet or even his body, he’s the worst dancer yet ppl will still go gaga over it. But actresses receive so much criticism. The actors get away with everything.

  17. Michelle says:

    Aishfan, there were many people there who loved Ash’s performance. From the tweets and comments from those who were there most did.
    I think because Ash did more of a classical dance performance than an all out energized dance like everyone else there are going to be some who expected more or something different. My complaint of the performance is that its boring towards the middle – end. Blame Shiamak or Ash. I don’t know. I think Ash is dancing more to the audience at home than she was in the crowd so maybe that’s why she appeared a bit slow to me.

  18. Aishfan says:

    The reason why there was low energy was because the first song was slow. But the songs after especially in dola re dola the energy picked up. And the quality of the video is bad. Hopefully a better quality video is available soon.

  19. Michelle says:

    btw, I’ve only watched the video once myself. I’ waiting for the HQ version to see it again

  20. Rima says:

    Loved the performance, and here’s a link to Abhi and Ash’s dance with Shiamak to Kajra Re

    Pls do upload the hd quality videos of both when they’re available in June (since I don’t have Sony)

  21. tulip says:

    yes i have copy pasted it from pv bec those comments match with my opinion so without my energy, i just copy pasted it. i still think it was slow performance.

  22. tulip says:

    most of sites saying that ash finally lost odles of wt seen in 2013 toifa red carpet……. I think they all are blind, how can they write such a stupid news. Even a blind person can say the truth. She has to lose it all. We cant hope to see her slim at cans but may be at the end of the year she will reduce it for her comeback film.

  23. tulip says:

    first of all she choose wronge dance no. Dhoom and dola re dola was ok but taal and khwaja was bad choice.
    Secondly, she wore high heel during performance and thats why she could move correctly. The same mistake she done previously at femina award and now this time also. I think, here need to weare high heel to look tall. And thats why she looked a bit slim to pple.

  24. Masterstroke says:

    Tulip, I know that I am being rude and I am sorry for that but the truth is, you are negativity personified. Even Rajeev Masand’s or Shobha De’s Reviews/blogs looks pleasant in comparison to your comments.
    Firstly, she didn’t chose the songs. Secondly, I didn’t get what you wrote about her high heels (I didn’t even noticed if she wore it or not neither did I got your feelings. You wanted her to wear heels or not?) but how can somebody dance properly while wearing high-heels? Can you even walk wearing them?
    It maybe your opinion that it was a bad performance. justified. I too feel she could have done much better because we all have seen her splendid performance on miss india but your views are quite on the negative side.
    And the websites were being positive. Why are you feeling so angry if they wrote that she has lost weight? (IMHO she has, she is still not in her pre-pregnancy weight but I feel she has).
    Live and let live.
    And I thought I was obsessed with aishwarya….

  25. tulip says:

    frnd, the previous comment was speling mistake, i wanted to write that ash wore high heels to look tall during the performance and thats why she couldn’t move fastly to match with the background situation……….i think there was no need to wear high heels. The same mistake she done previously at femina and now here ……………and you are right….. i am sorry for writing negative comments here. I was so dissapointed by her performance initialy, but its all ok now. If all are happy then why i am spreading negativity here? It was my mistake, I was expecting best performance but i forget that it was a live performance………….. Again i am sorry for hurting u and all my frnds…………………………..this is perhapes my last comment here.

  26. ash says:

    Yash raj films have launched a greeting card of aishwarya from dhoom 2, see link below:

  27. @masterstroke

    some people are meant to be disgusting.. So there is no chance.. They wil stop writing crap

  28. Ash says:

    There is a clearer video of this in full, with a great introduction from boman iran and the ending of the actual performance was on azeemo shan from jodha akbar, great performance!
    Its on youtube:

  29. Michelle says:

    Thanks Ash. I put the video up earlier in the appropriate thread. How cute was Abhishek’s reaction.

  30. Ash says:

    Thanks Michelle, yes he was so cute and sweet. I would have loved it if hrithik was also on the show.
    I’m a huge fan of aishwarya and I always come to this site everyday, to see updates. It’s a great website. I don’t really leave comments much cos I feel there’s no point, u always seem to get haters/jealous people In ash’s thread.
    but like she says “the haters are a drop in the ocean”

  31. satyajit says:

    waoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………………truly MAGICAL. Can’t wait 2 see AISH in movies…….We all r waiting for your comeback AISH.

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