Two Minutes With Aishwarya

The Indian actress and model Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, 39, is nothing short of a Bollywood icon. Crowned Miss World in 1994 at the age of 21, the young woman went on to star in about 40 films, picking up a big number of awards along the way. In her role as Longines ambassador since 1999, the star spent a few minutes with WtheJournal at the oh-so-British Royal Ascot Races. Here’s a brief interview.

Do you tend to be on time or late?
We’re always working to be on time ! I respect it. But sometimes, for example today, everybody gets stuck in the traffic !

What is your motto?
There are so many ! I’ll just say that be positive is not just a blood group.

What is your power reserve?
The ability to stay positive and true.

If you could stop time, what would you do?
Actually I wouldn’t do it…

In what way are you Longines?
Well, I believe « elegance is an attitude ». And I believe in tradition, in culture and in values. And in respect.

You can always spare 10 minutes for … ?
For some « me time ».

On the other hand which activity do you never have time for?
Well… I could say for some « me time » as well but I’ll stay serious and say I never have time for frivolity and negativity.

Who would be your ideal dinner guests?
Right now, virtually, my ideal place would be home and my ideal guest would be my family.

Which is your favourite season?
My spirit is always in spring time.

Where will you be one hour from now?
Here in Royal Ascot, probably talking to some more media!

If you had to pack up and drop everything right now, what would you do?
I would go home to be with my family. I travel a lot so home is always special.

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  1. @tulip…… U hv a little bit of a thing called MIND or not… Obiviously she wears contacts in movies like guru,jodha akbar,raincoat and some photoshoots…. And thats not her real eye colour.. She has grenn-gray eyes as appears in public appearces… As miss world organisers stated too

  2. tulip says:

    finaly someone accepted that she wears.

  3. tulip says:

    finaly i downloaded aishwaryas toifa performance and i just love her moves. she gears up her performance. It was realy amazing. Thank u michelle for updoing it. But have u notice when boman irani anaunce her name, he just called her girl and suddenly bite his tounge. I think he anaunce her name realy wronge way.

  4. tulip says:

    unedited version is also cool. if u find a better quitity toifa performance then plz upload it here bec that edited performance is not good quility and not playing smooth on my vlc player. i have tried to play it on other players but nothig is changing. i wanted video like her last femina miss india performance quility video. i downloaded it with 750p hd.

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