Ranbir Kapoor: I’m very grateful for this chance to work with Aishwarya


Ranbir Kapoor first met Aishwarya Rai Bachchan 15 years ago when she was working in his father, Rishi Kapoor’s directorial venture, Aa Ab Laut Chalen (1999). Now, as he is set to share screen space with the actress in Karan Johar’s film (that will also star Anushka Sharma), the 32-year-old says that he is “grateful” to have got this chance.

“How many heroes of my generation are going to get the opportunity to work with Aishwarya? I’m really grateful for this chance, and I hope that I don’t take it for granted. I’ll really do a good job. I hope I make something remarkable with her. That’s the intention,” says Ranbir.

Reminiscing about the time when he met her for the first time, the actor says, “I was about 16, and fresh out of school. I was not intimidated by her because when Aishwarya was acting, she didn’t give that impression. When I was on the sets, she would talk to me like she would speak to my dad or Akshaye Khanna (her co-star in the film). Being the director-producer’s son, everybody else treated me like a kid. But she didn’t do that, and I used to really admire that quality in her,” says Ranbir, who admits that he is her fan.

He adds that even though the 41-year-old actress is immensely talented, she is still very humble. “She’s amazingly talented and beautiful, but doesn’t throw that in your face. It has been a while since I’ve met her, and hung out with her, so I don’t know how much of that has changed. I’ll only know when I start working with her,” says Ranbir.

- Hindustantimes

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