PHOTOS: Aishwarya – A Traffic Stopper in Pune

PHOTOS – Aishwarya at Kalyan Jewellers Showroom
VIDEO – Crowds in Pune

It seems motherhood and her hiatus from movies has only made Aishwarya Rai Bachchan more popular — if the crowds that gathered to greet her on Sunday morning, as she arrived in the city to inaugurate a jewellery store on Karve Road, are any proof.

With the actor scheduled to arrive at 12.30 pm, a crowd began assembling on Karve Road from 11 am onwards, climbing up onto rooftops and terraces to catch a glimpse of Bahu B. Of course, Ash reached the venue late, only at 2.30 pm. However, not too many fans seemed to mind the delay, and she was welcomed with loud whistling and applause. While there were private security guards at the venue, police had to control some over-enthusiastic individuals — who were seen forcefully escorted from the area.
Resplendent in red, gold and green, as Ash took the microphone to speak to the gathered masses, she exclaimed, “Kasa kaay Pune? How are you?” causing the audience to erupt in a frenzy. A few in the crowd expressed disappointment that Aaradhya wasn’t in tow.
Meanwhile, traffic had come almost to a standstill from Nal Stop to Garware College, as a police team comprising an ACP, two PIs and 10 constables srtruggled to maintain a smooth flow of vehicles on the arterial stretch.
Suresh Kenjale, police inspector at Deccan Police Station, said, “We were told by organisers that Aishwarya would arrive around 11 am, but she came quite late. A crowd of at least 3,000 people had gathered on Karve Road by that time, making traffic movement very slow. We had to manage the public and move vehicles without hurting anyone. However, when she did arrive, traffic came to a total standstill for around 10 minutes.”

- Times of India

(Aishwarya’s PR responded via twitter regarding comments that Aishwarya was late
“Aishwarya was not 2h30 late : time was given as 2pm and she reached 1 h late because of the huge crowd on the road”

10 Responses to “PHOTOS: Aishwarya – A Traffic Stopper in Pune”

  1. SG. says:

    Hi !!! Michelle … how r u …
    Recently, it was reported that Aishwarya was appraoched to star in Karan Johar’s new film ‘Shuddhi’, starring Hrithik Roshan.
    And while it’s not been confirmed, insiders say that Aishwarya has allegedly shown interest in signing up for the romantic film directed by Karan Malhotra … but these articles I saw in masala website …. so, I give the news … and there is also news that 1 of the best director in India Sanjay Leela Bhansali sign Aishwarya for his next film … is all the news are true … tell me plz yar …
    waiting yur reply/confirmed …
    Lot’s of LOve …

  2. tulip says:

    wow! S.g, thanks yaar for this news. Ash to romance with hritik is g8 . It will be dream come true situation if she do these films. I am realy waiting for annauncement.

  3. tulip says:

    sorry to say yaar, but alia bhat has selected for shuddhi.ash again lost to work with dream costar.

  4. tulip says:

    After the long break post her
    daughter’s birth, everyone wants to
    know when the actress will make her
    grand comeback. However, Aishwarya
    refuses to understand the term
    ‘comeback’. “I didn’t go anywhere so how will I
    make a comeback. Somehow I do not
    understand the word. I have just
    stayed away films. Once I sign a film, a
    formal announcement will be made,”
    she says.
    but i realy dont agree with her. Stay away from the films mean she was away from the industry. And if now she is signing film almost after 3 yrs. Then it will be called ‘comeback’. Just simple and no need to understand.

  5. Masterstroke says:

    I have heard bebo is already confirmed for it.

  6. Masterstroke says:

    LOL karan johar, stop it now! Farah and karan are so annoying.

  7. SG. says:

    My Pleasure Tulip bro … but let see this is rumors or true story …
    hey, Tulip bro who told u that Alia Bhat is already selected for (Shuddhi) … If Alia is selected then why this rumors are going around huh bro !!! ????
    Masterstroke I don’t known which movie r u talking about that reply me saying Bebo is already confirmed for it ….

    hey, friends this news might be true also yar … becaz Aishwarya already saying that she like the couple of script’s, give the green signal’s and soon there will be the announcements … So, if this news is false then why Aishwarya is saying I like a couple of script’s yar ??????? ……
    Anyway, whatever Aishwarya do I will support’s her …
    Lot’s of LOve ….
    Takecare ….

  8. tulip says:

    waiting for next appereance.

  9. tulip says:

    michelle, video link is not working. Plz put it at youtube section. When i am clicking at video facebuk page is opening.

  10. Michelle says:

    tulip, it works for me. It’s a facebook video. I can put on youtube but its really not much. You don’t even see Ash. It’s a few seconds and its basically just a shot of the crowd and Ash’s voice

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