PHOTO: Aishwarya covers Harper’s Bazaar Bride (August 2015)


Harper’s Bazaar Bride August Issue! Aishwarya dons a Sabyasachi lehenga. Ash was styled by the designer himself!
Aishwarya’s Harper’s Bazaar Cover


12 Responses to “PHOTO: Aishwarya covers Harper’s Bazaar Bride (August 2015)”

  1. tulip says:

    i just cant belive people still talk about her skin complexion… pinkvilla they are creating some fuss about her skin colour…..i mean i cant understand their problems………whats wrong if she is using makeup to make her look paler or fairer…..that is why make up was invented……its so weired of them …whymakiiiioup

  2. tulip says:

    in this photoshoot she is looking like never before seen. i love her in this royal yet elegant look…..much better than HELLO !

  3. Michelle says:

    there are those who hate that Ash is still popular so they look for things to pick on

  4. tulip says:

    but it hurts…what if ash read those?….

  5. Michelle says:

    what if she read some of your comments?
    Anyway, Ash, I’m sure has heard it all. She seems to handle it well.

  6. tulip says:

    u r right….but as a loyal fan i always want her to do best……so i m sorry if some of my comments were harsh or bad….sorry michelle……and remember if there is any hugh fan of ash its me at no1….for sure.

  7. tulip says:

    @michelle, why u all always consider me as a ash hater….i cant understand…i always need to prove here that i m her well wisher……..:-(

  8. tulip says:

    @michell, i m here since a long time and u know me very well now….still the question arises on my loyality… kind of took me back

  9. Michelle says:

    tulip, you know you’ve said some harsh things that I wouldn’t approve here for all to read

  10. tulip says:

    u may be right but why only remembering harsh and not good comments……why considering only negative side…….i have said many good things for her………anyways, i m saying sorry now for those immature comments….plz dont make me embarasse now.

  11. Woww..Aish is looking so gorgeous in bridal wear. really abhishek is lucky to have aishwarya in her life.

  12. Afshan says:

    I just say Aish is looking stunning

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