(2008) Aishwarya Rai’s Hollywood films

Aishwarya Rai had acted in a number of Hollywood films in addition to her brilliant performance in bollywood films. The film that has been most successful is Bride and Prejudice.

The story involved an Indian mother who was searching for suitable husbands for her four daughters. Her eldest daughter played by Namrata Shirodkar was married to a rich industrialist of London. The role of the second daughter was played by Aiswarya Rai.

Aishwarya rejected an American millionaire Will Darcy. Will Darcy criticised Indian women, yet was attached to Aiswarya. Aiswarya was also involved with him in the film. Her mother invited Mr. Koholi, an Indian business from Los Angeles who came to choose one of the daughters (Aiswarya and her sisters) of the family.

Johny Wickham came to India and Aiswarya got involved with her and out of frustration Will Darcy returned back to Los Angeles.

The films had very strong performance from Aishwarya, Namrata, Martin Henderson and other performers. Her other Hollywood films include Mistress of Spices and Last Legion. She is expected to feature in other Hollywood films like Chaos opposite Meryl Streep, in Windfall, etc.

One of the reasons of her success in Hollywood films include her strong pronunciation of English and international recognition. Her wax statue is made in Madam Tussadd’s museum in London. So whenever viewers watch her performance in films like Provoked, they acknowledge her outstanding potentiality and there is no shadow of doubt that she is going to be a rich asset for Hollywood films in addition to bollywood films in the years to come.

By: CR Chatterji.

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