(2008) Aishwarya, Madhuri sizzle in Unforgettable Tour

The Bachchans’s Unforgettable Tour is running to packed houses and in Los Angeles the organisers revealed their surprise element.

The dancing queen Madhuri Dixit performed on stage with co star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on songs from Devdas. The actor confirmed the reason why she agreed to be a part of this huge tour.

“Well I have my two home productions, like I say, I have a three-year-old and a five-year-old at home, and they keep me really busy, you know film production is not that hard but raising two kids is, so I’m going to take my time and see how it works, and my priorities are in the right place right now, my family comes first, and even when I agreed to do ‘Unforgettable’ that was one of the things I was considering, because this is going to be in the US, and so it was more under my control,” said Madhuri.

“The western audiences are already very aware of our films, of what we have, of the content of our cinema, and that’s really a reflection of society as is today, the world is smaller, the audience is a lot more international as you have seen, and this holds true for every walk of life,” said Aishwarya.

Coining a name for this tour was difficult but Abhishek Bachchan settled on the word “Unforgettable” because of the scale of the production.

“When we suggested the name ‘Unforgettable,’ we thought it was befitting of the tour, because the other option was One Amazing Night, which sounded a bit dubious, so we preferred ‘unforgettable,” says Abhishek.

Even steep ticket prices don’t seem to deter these fans from making it their unforgettable experience.


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