(2008) Aishwarya flaunts Bong bond

She came, she conquered but she left “without the real thing”. As the brand ambassador of a watch company, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan breezed through town on Friday but couldn’t stay back to fulfil her dream — of being in Calcutta for Durga puja.

“I hope at some point of time in my life, I manage to be here and celebrate Durga puja in this city,” Ash told Metro in her hotel room, after walking the ramp for Longines in the afternoon. “I am glad I have had the experience of Puja through celluloid in Devdas… I am now looking forward to the real thing in this city.”

It couldn’t happen this time because she had to rush to Delhi for another brand do, after which she is off to Goa for Shankar’s Robot with Rajanikanth. But Aishwarya did her bit during the watch-flashing fashion show. Taking to the ramp in a Gauri & Nainika navy one-shouldered gown, the Bachchan bahu twirled and bowed before wishing everyone a happy Puja. “I would like to wish everyone on behalf of my entire family,” she said three namaskars later. “Calcutta has given so much to me and my family…”

That was not the only Bong connection Ash flaunted. “Who would have thought I would be wearing a loha today?” she laughed, displaying on her left hand the must-wear iron bangle for a Bangali bou. “My mother-in-law being a Bengali has continued the connect that started with my homecoming days, when I came to Calcutta after becoming Miss World. Because of the way my surname was pronounced (Ray), people actually thought I was Bengali! It’s been part of my life for the longest time.”

No wonder, Ash is not done with Bengali movies. “I would love to do more,” she gushed. “Rituda (Rituparno Ghosh) discusses every project with me, ever since Chokher Bali. We have always discussed availability and so far it hasn’t worked out, otherwise I would have been in every one of his films… with pleasure.”

Right now, she is a big fan of Drona — and Abhishek Bachchan. “I would be biased… you are asking his wife,” she couldn’t control the famous giggle, when quizzed about the film. “As an actor, I would say, Abhishek is fantastic. A film like Drona hasn’t been made in a long, long time… Shah Rukh (Khan) said it (at the film’s premiere in Mumbai on Thursday night) in person….”

Her pretty parting shot? “Apnader shobaike Durga puja-r preeti o shubheccha janai.”

– telegraph india

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