(2007) School Days

The sensuous actress who has taken over the world with not only her beauty and charm but with oodles of talent too. Yes, we are talking about Aishwarya Rai, the former Miss World who not only created a niche for herself in the Bollywood industry but also went on to become an internationally known name.

So, wonder where all this charm. talent and grace comes from. Well, they say that grooming begins at school. So let’s get back to the years when Ash in pigtails and a pretty dress began her first day of school.

Sudha Talwar, principal of Arya Vidya Mandir (Santacruz), where Aishwarya Rai spent 13 years of her life says that Ash was an immensely talented girl. She danced and sang and was artistic, she also carried herself very well.

Her pre- primary school teacher says that when Aishwarya joined the school, she was three and a half years old and from the beginning you could tell that she expected the best. For her, the eraser was not to be used; her work had to be neat and till she re-did it, she’d be upset.

Aishwarya later went on to become the head girl of her school. All the years she stood first in her class, except in class 10 when she stood second in her school and wept for a good 15 minutes in the principal’s office.

Ash has always been a perfectionist all the way from the day she joined school, till today when she is conquering the world. No wonder with this attitude of her’s, Aishwarya Rai has become an international star today.


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