(2007) Rumours complicate my life

The svelte waist that once belonged to Aishwarya ‘Dhoom’ Bachchan is no more.

On her recent visit to Mumbai, Ash’s heavy waist was the centre of focus. And the fact that she was at pains to hide it — waiting mediapersons were told that they would be allowed at the press conference venue only once she had ‘settled’ herself — added grist to the rumour mills.

So, is the stork actually planning to come calling at Jalsa anytime soon? With a hand firmly in front of her waist, this is what Ash had to say: “Please stop writing rumours about me! They make my life complicated. Instead, write the facts.”

Bachchans and rumours — they do go together, don’t they? “Yes, rumours about us have gained momentum gradually. But we have had the father of our family quell a lot of these misconceptions. And it was a right decision on our part too.”

But Aishwarya is rightly basking in the glory of marriage now. “I am enjoying the status of a married woman. I am in one of those very happy phases of my life,” she adds. Marriage has made Ash philosophical too. “This is an absolutely different chapter of one’s life. And I hope everyone gets to experience it”, she says.

In fact, she wishes she could have spent more time with Abhishek before returning to work. “Life after marriage, especially if you are working, is very hectic. You have to plan things out everyday and manage your schedule.”

It must be thanks to her planning mechanism that she managed to be in India for her karva chauth? “I was shooting for Pink Panther so I found out when was karva chauth and planned my schedule accordingly. I wrapped everything for the film and was back on 26th for my first karva chauth on 29th. It all worked out very well.”

– Times of India

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