(2007) ‘Provoked’ steals bigger opening than ‘Namesake’

Eros International’s Aishwarya Rai starrer ‘Provoked’ which released on Friday 6th April 2007, has crossed Fox Searchlight distributed ‘Namesake’s weekend box office takings in the UK.

‘Provoked’ grossed £140,204 with just 35 prints as against £125,084 for ‘Namesake’ with 59 prints in its opening weekend, thus giving a nearly double screen average of 4005 as against 2120 for ‘Namesake’.

‘Provoked’ has reportedly received a phenomenal reception in the UK and India from film critics and audiences. Time Out London refers to ‘Provoked’ as a film that ‘packs a punch’, Daily Mirror as ‘…a worthy story and this drama deals with the delicate subject matter with a sensitive touch’ giving the film three stars, BBC Online as a film where ‘you actually forget Aishwarya Rai’s good looks and empathise with her portrayal of a victim turned victor’.

‘Provoked’ is the true life depiction of Kiranjit Ahluwalia (played by Aishwarya Rai), the Asian woman who overturned the British judicial system and transformed the meaning of “provocation” in the case of physically abused women, winning justice for women subjected to domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse. The film, based on Ahluwalia’s autobiography ‘Circle of Light’ by Rahila Gupta, follows her lonely struggle in an abusive 10-year marriage, her retaliation through the murder of her violent husband and the efforts of women activists Southall Black Sisters to bring her justice.

- Indiatimes

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