(2007) Ash’s Bridal Wear

The fashion designer is also making her LFW debut today, ensuring day 3 will be a star-studded affair

You must credit Aishwarya Rai for her loyalty. Despite the criticism she received for her look at the Cannes festival, she has stuck by her favourite stylist. The former Miss World has roped her in the fashion designer for the most important day of her life. “Yes, I am doing Ash’s clothes for her wedding,” confirms Neeta Lulla, promising to tell us more next week.

Right now, the popular Bollywood designer is all excited about her debut at the Lakme Fashion Week today. And, she isn’t alone. With other big star pullers like Manish Malhotra and Surily Goel out of LFW, the glamour-struck are hoping to see her friends from Bollywood both on and off the ramp.

“I’m excited about debuting in my hometown and of course, my friends from the film fraternity will be there to cheer me on,” she smiles. Hema Malini with daughters Esha and Ahaana are just some of the invitees. “Ash will come for the party in the evening,” says the designer.

So, what’s on show today? “Glamour with substance,” says Lulla, who has chosen to promote a cause through her collection. “I’m aiming to promote emancipation of the girl child. We’ve so many issues in our country. If, through my art, I can contribute in a small way to help solve those problems, then why not?” she says.

While she promises the clothes on display todaywill be chic, yet wearable, her opening outfit will be outrageous. “That’s just for shock value…to highlight the message of the cause I’m supporting,” she explains.

Finally, the question on everyone’s mind – who will be her showstopper? “A very beautiful woman and she’s not who you think!” is all she lets on.


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