(2006) Ash provokes British audiences!

Bollywood’s bad man Gulshan Grover is back in town from his brief holiday cum business trip to London and he has this wonderful anecdote to share with us about fellow actor Aishwarya’s performance in Jag Mundra’s film Provoked. “Last week in London’s famous Shaftsbury Avenue, a special screening of Provoked was organized for me by Jag Mundra. And also present with me were British/Hollywood Actor Jason Flemyng (star of Snatch, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), Lord Swaraj Paul’s family and other prominent British people. And believe me, towards the end of the film we had tears in our eyes. All of us were moved by Ash’s powerhouse performance,” says Grover and adds, “She will silence all her critics with her mostly silent, yet powerful performance. My friend, Jason Flemyng and everyone present were moved by Aishwarya’s performance. The only thing I felt was that I should have played Aishwarya’s Punjabi husband who ill-treats her, shows physical aggression and yet loves her. Naveen Andrews (who plays the husband) couldn’t do even ten percent of what I could have done.” And Lord Swaraj Paul’s daughter-in-law, Nisha Paul, was equally moved by Ash’s brilliant performance. “I have not seen a more powerful performance by Aishwarya!” she commented. Ash, you may take a bow!

- Indiatimes

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