(2005) Aishwarya proud of playing Kiran in Provoked

Aishwarya Rai has acted as a heroine in ‘Provoked’. She explains to us why she accepted the movie offer. She says, ” Domestic violence is a big slur on our society. So, I took no time in accepting the ‘Provoked’ offer. I hadn’t played the role of a female character who had undergone such a brutal physical as well as sexual torture.” Whenever a husband tortures his wife and doesn’t change his behavior despite several requests, the wife is left with only two options-suicide or struggle. While the first step speaks of the wife’s cowardice, the second reflects her courage. A woman NRI named Kiran Ahluwalia showed such courage. The ‘Provoked’ is based on her real life. She suffered physical, mental and sexual torture for ten long years. Then, she thought of making her husband Deepak realize at least for once the suffering she has been passing through. She planned to burn the feet of her husband so that the latter is unable to run after her and thus torture her. She tried to put fire to his bed while he was asleep at night. Since Deepak got up, Kiran threw the burning matchstick on Deepak’s bed. This injured Deepak seriously and he died after ten days of hospitalization. Kiran was arrested for murdering her husband. The court ordered life imprisonment for her, ignoring the husband’s torture of Kiran for ten years. An NGO working among South Asian women named Southhall Black Sisters, appealed to the court for revision of the order. The court reduced her sentence to three years and three months. Kiarn was released from the prison on Septemer 25th, 1992. Meanwhile, the NGO had held meetings, rallies and dharnas to appraise the society about Kiran’s torture by her husband.

So, Kiran’s became a household name. Kiran got inspired to write her autobiography under the title of Circle of Light.

Director Jagmohan Mundhra was impressed with Kiran’s courageous story and decided to make a film on her life. He has therefore based his ‘Provoked’ on Kiran’s story. Since the media had kept her story alive, Kiran thanked the media after she was freed from the prison and said, ” I feel free now.” Mundhra says that this remark of Kiran shook him completely and he decided to sign Aishwarya Rai for playing Kiran’s character in the movie. He says that there are many parts of Kiran’s life. In the first part, a Punjabi girl in Kiran begins her life with a lot of golden dreams, but her love meets with betrayal from her partner. The second part is significant. Kiran meets with a woman prisoner.

Both talk to each other though they belong to two different cultures and languages. The British prisoner helps Kiran in turning courageous. Thus, Kiran begins her life afresh following her release from the prison. While Kiran’s 21-year-old son wishes to see a movie made on her mother’s life, her younger son aged 19 isn’t familiar about Kiran’s earlier torturous life. However, the Southall Black Sisters is thrilled to know about the film in the making.

Aishwarya Rai is happy to play Kiran. After shooting of the film was over, Aish met with Kiran, and says, ” I couldn’t help embrace her as Kiran is indeed a living example of courage before us. I saluted to her for her courage.”

- By Eye TV India Bureau

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