Is Salman Trying To Get Even With Aishwarya

Is Salman Getting Even With Aishwarya?

He has done it in the past stormed onto Rohan Sippy’s Kuch Naa Kaho
sets, abused Aishwarya, created a scene and then left in a huff and a
puff. So, there’s nothing surprising about the recent news Salman
Khan disrupting Aishwarya Rai’s shooting schedule near Pune. And
after much tamaasha and showering of cuss words at co-star and
producer Shah Rukh Khan, driving away with his booty (a frightened
and compliant Aishwarya) in his car.

What’s intriguing everybody, however, is that despite Aishwarya
breaking off with Salman, he still continues to mercilessly and
sadistically haunt and daunt her. He still insists on giving her (and
her co-stars) the chills and spills. The affair may have ended, but
the dust has not settled down. A broken-hearted and lovelorn Salman
is prowling around like a wounded tiger, seeking his sweet revenge on

Insiders insist that they saw it coming. They knew it in their bones
that Aishwarya was still not rid of Salman from her life, that sooner
or later it would be payback time for Aishwarya, for daring to walk
out on him. Sadly, it’s true. It seems, Salman has vowed to his close
friends that if he can’t have her, nobody can; he’ll destroy her and
her career! ShockedShocked

Salman was never so vindictive in any of his earlier relationships
that failed. He let Sangeeta Bijlani off the hook when she couldn’t
see a future with him. She happily married cricketer Azharuddin, and
a sporting Salman even attended their wedding reception.

He closed the turbulent chapter with Somy Ali too, just as easily.
Sure, he was sad, but playing the obsessive lover? You got to be
kidding, man. Salman never ever lost his shirt or sleep over any

That’s until Ms. World Aishwarya Rai swept him off his feet. It
seemed, at the time, a match made in heaven. One of the most handsome
men in the world was in love with a beauty queen!

But, two years down the rocky path, Aishwarya in a moment of sanity
and self-preservation accepted that their relationship had reached
a dead-end and that she’d only be committing (personal and
professional) harakiri if she married him. She had to be a loser to
spend the rest of her life with this narcissistic, opinionated,
egoistic superstar. She wanted out. So she gave up on Salman in March
this year(2002) as a (very) b-a-d idea.

For Salman, that was the hugest, mightiest offence anybody could
commit against him, least of all Aishwarya. She wanted to dump him!
He could not digest that. Wacko Pinch His superego simply didn’t let him accept
it as a normal course of eventuality to a going-nowhere relationship. ShockedShocked

Those who know Aishwarya well, reveal that much as she tried to make
it easier on him by maintaining an amicable equation with him after
their split, it just back-fired on her. Each time she made a kind,
cordial gesture towards him, he conveniently interpreted it as her
rubbing salt on his wounds. It infuriated him no end to see that
Aishwarya could coolly carry on with her life as if nothing had
happened, while he was still picking up the pieces and trying to make
something of his life, or what remained of it. Wacko

What infuriated him the most was, of course, that soon after she
broke off with him, Aishwarya’s career began to blossom all over
again. She got offers (from Subhash Ghai, Shah Rukh Khan, Yash
Chopra, Kalpana Lajmi) she could not refuse. As bad luck would have
it, his career had turned cold. So, not only was he at a personal
loss, but professionally too he had lost ground. Salman was enraged!

And when Salman sees red, he loses his shirt, literally. At the drop
of a pin, he bares his clean-shaven chest like Dara Singh did in his
films.LOLLOL And he descends like a raging bull on his adversary. The
recent Pune incident with Shah Rukh Khan is a classic case.

For once, Salman Khan’s father condemned his obnoxious behaviour. He
stated categorically, “Nobody is justified in behaving like this,
least of all, Salman. He is a star. He must understand that, as a
celebrity, eyes are constantly on him. Therefore, he must restrain
himself from behaving like this. Of course, Salman has regretted his
behaviour now.

“You know, people say, ‘Why don’t you explain to Salman?’ All I can
say is that by behaving in this manner, Salman is harming only
himself. See, it’s simple to an emotional problem, there’s no
simple, rational or logical solution. Either you grow over it, it
dies, or you get over it. Salman is trying to get over it; only he’s
taking a little longer than others.”

Salman supporters also confirm that the Pune fracas was an impulsive
act, and that he is embarrassed at his violent outburst there with
Aishwarya and SRK. But others warn that this is just the beginning of
a l-o-n-g, traumatic, violent phase in store for Aishwarya. They feel
that Salman is out to destroy her career. If he can’t have her, she can’t have a career in films. ShockedShocked
The point is, in this love-hate relationship between Aishwarya and
Salman, it’s the producers who are being dragged willy-nilly into the
holy mess merely by virtue of signing her on. While Yash Chopra is
playing his wait-n-watch game, and Kalpana Lajmi is unfazed by
Salman’s behaviour, Shah Rukh, however, is in no mood to put up with
Salman’s childish tantrums and terror tactics. Revealed a unit
member, “We had just finished the song sequences on the truck from
Pune to Malshet and it was night time when, as we were heading
towards our next location, Salman appeared and created the scene. He was uncontrollable for those four-and-half hours. Shocked That’s when an
upset Azizbhai called off the entire schedule. Though, choreographer
Farah Khan did not want to. She said, ‘Why should we pack up and
leave? Let’s continue shooting.’ Even Aishwarya was of the same
opinion. But what the director said, prevailed, and the schedule was
called off.

“Obviously, Shah Rukh and everybody was upset. It costs money to go
on outdoors and when such an incident happens and the shooting gets
cancelled, it’s a huge loss to the producer. Nobody likes to bear
these kind of unnecessary losses.”

No wonder, Shah Rukh reconsidered replacing Aishwarya Rai in his
untitled home-production. Aishwarya, of course, called him up the
next day after the incident and apologized and begged him for
forgiveness. Ditto Salman, but that didn’t stop SRK from doing a real
hard rethink.

Confirmed Haroon (associate director of Aziz Mirza), soon after the
incident happened, “See, nobody likes disruptions on the sets. Yes,
Salman did call up the next day and apologised. He’s decent enough to
do that. But right now things have stalled for another 8-10 days.”
Did Aishwarya call up SRK after the nasty incident? “Yes, talks
happened back and forth. But no decision has been taken so far. Shah
Rukh and Aziz Mirza are still figuring out what do do.”

Revealed a Shah Rukh campwallah, “Azizbhai, Shah Rukh and Aishwarya
had a closed-door meeting soon after they returned to Bombay.” It
seems, SRK did try to work out a way whereby he didn’t have to drop
Aishwarya from the film. He toyed with the idea of drawing up a
written contract with Aishwarya which would categorically state that
if Salman Khan so much as even entered their sets, she would be out
of the film!

But, it seems, when close associate Aziz Mirza warned him that he was
dealing with an erratic, irrational, impulsive, violent Salman Khan
here and not a mature, civil person, SRK again, this time seriously,
chewed over the idea of replacing Aishwarya. That’s when, according
to this SRK campwallah, “Aishwarya finally told Shah Rukh, ‘You take
the decision. What can I do? I have made a police complaint against
Salman. Beyond that, I can’t do much, really. As a woman, I am
physically not capable of stopping him if he comes onto the sets. So,
I leave the decision to Azizbhai and you. Whatever your decision,
I’ll abide by it.’ So, Shah Rukh and Azizbhai gave the matter a
little more thought.” And, with a heavy heart, SRK finally sealed the
deal with Rani Mukherjee in the third week of September. She has the
requisite dates to give to Shah Rukh for this film which he plans to
wrap up by February-March next year so that he can then concentrate
on his second home-production with friend-cum-choreographer Farah
Khan (which is already on the floors for which they shot a song in
Pune last week) and then move on to Karan Johar’s home-production
with full steam.
If Salman thinks that he’s got Aishwarya where he wants in a weak,
helpless position he’s sadly mistaken. Ms. Rai is made of sterner
stuff. She’s not one to kow-tow to anyone’s unscrupulous demands,
least of all Salman Khan’s now. It seems, she’s had enough of
Salman’s bully boy behavior. She’s convinced that he can’t destroy
her; nobody can.

Interestingly, Aishwarya has taken charge of her life with a zest
that defies description. She’s taken decisive measures to see that
Salman Khan can’t play havoc with her life and career. Not only has
she called up each and every one of her producers and guaranteed them
that such an untoward incident will never happen again on any of her
sets, she’s also hired a professional bodyguard since the Pune
incident to protect her from Salman’s future antics.

Ketan, her bodyguard, is huge, well-built, looks menacing and knows
his job. He escorts her to every shoot of hers (whether in Mumbai or
outstation), he attends every function with Aishwarya and keeps an
eagle eye for her safety and well-being. Like last month, at dress
designer Vikram Phadnis’ show, Salman was amongst the invitees too.
As usual, he strutted around, trying to attract attention to himself.
But he took care to maintain a safe distance from Aishwarya, who was
accompanied by her mother, Brinda Rai, and her bodyguard. Minutes
after Aishwarya left the show, Salman ran out after her. As he
searched for her car to confront her once again,
she sped away into the safety of the night!

Aishwarya knows that it’s not going to be easy to shake Salman off
her case. But she’s determined to make a clean break from him. Right
now it may seem as if she has lost the battle with Salman (what with
her being dropped from SRK’s film), but finally
she’ll win the war. Now she’s even more determined not to allow
Salman to ruin her mental
peace or destroy her career. She’s confident that Salman will
eventually learn that love, at times, means also to let go. And that,
revenge after all, destroys the seeker too. That’s the bittersweet
truth that Salman is fast finding out for himself.

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