Day 1 Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet – Aishwarya in Elie Saab

HQ’s – Aishwarya in Elie Saab
PHOTOS – Aishwarya in Elie Saab


6 Responses to “Day 1 Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet – Aishwarya in Elie Saab”

  1. tulip says:

    sorry to say but the dress is not really impressive though colour is nice…..why she choose this kind of dress? I mean its not for her shape….but the face is saver far her….and no one really taking her pics….overall its ok.

  2. tulip says:

    i would like to read what foreign media says about her look ?

  3. ash says:

    So far I prefer her cannes look last year.

    Her hair and makeup is fine but im not very keen on the blue dress, as I feel it dosent give justice to her hour glass figure, the dress is designed for a fat person and not a slim person like aishwarya.

    Im not very impressed with the dress she wore at the un event either, I feel its a little granny-ish and she should of worn a youthful dress from a international designer.

    Aishwarya did so well last year and looked amongst the best that she had ever looked in cannes like how she did back in 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2009 cannes.

    Lets hope her outfits improve for the remaining of her appearances at cannes and she escapes the curse of abu sandeep.

  4. tulip says:

    i still remeber last years canes appereance…it wast the best of all years…why she didnt choose something like that?….today she goes with white suite…quite good for event…waiting for next red carpet walk.

  5. tulip says:

    tommarow jazba look will release….will it be just a poster or trailer?

  6. SG. says:

    Aishwarya look gergeous as usal … agree with you all, Aishwarya look gergeous in last year Roberto Cavalli gown …
    but this year to 2015 she look gergeous … guyz its Elle Saab emerald green gown yar … for me she look as usal beautiful … Michelle what yur take on that … plz reply …
    plz dont compare aishwarya about this year that year … every year she look different and beautiful you have to accept that my friends …
    and yes waiting and exiting coming event’s at cannes 2015 …
    Love you my diva Aishwarya …

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