Aishwarya pays attention to details


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s much-awaited comeback Jazbaa is due to hit the screens this October and the film has already created a lot of excitement ever since some photos of her look in Jazbaa got leaked online. We hear Aishwarya, who plays a lawyer named Anuradha Verma in the film, was heavily involved in the styling of her character.

A source from the actress’ team says, “As she essays the role of a lawyer in the film, she had instructed the styling team to spend time with actual women lawyers, to stay with them for some days and observe their choice of outfits, the detailing of their coats and so on, to make her character look as realistic as possible.” It was Ash’s idea to go ahead with no makeup and have a simple hairdo. “She had also instructed her personal stylist to get her some classy shirts to go with the lawyer’s coat,” the source adds.

Director Sanjay Gupta is understandably not happy about his leading lady’s photos getting leaked. “I don’t behave like a Hitler on my sets but it’s not cool for people to leak pictures. We wanted a proper launch of her look in the film as people are keenly waiting for it,” he says. The director adds that she won’t be seen like she has been in her previous films. “She’s not presented all prim and well-packaged in the film. It’s her character that stands out in Jazbaa, not Aishwarya, the star.”

Apparently Aishwarya is also in touch with a few lawyers and calls them up whwenver she needs assistance.
When contacted the films associate director, Nadeem Shah confirmed the news and said, “Aishwarya told Sanjay she wanted to meet a few lawyers. She is also in touch with them and often calls them. She is working really hard to prepare for the character.”

-Deccan Herals

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  1. sonu says:

    wah…………Hope she gets a filmfare next year…

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