Aishwarya may sing for Jazbaa


If all goes as planned, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be seen singing a song for Sanjay Gupta’s Jazbaa.
Says a source, “Aishwarya has been sounded about it by Sanjay who feels she can do it. She has a very musical voice and is often known to hum tunes. Several music directors have contributed to the album and the director has a great number in mind for her. Ash seems to be up for the challenge.”
Adds the source, “They begin shooting for the track today and that’s when they plan to sit and discuss the song details. Though the actress thinks she can do it, she’s still a bit unsure as she is very particular about whatever she does. She would want to rehearse before she records the song. It’s a situational song.”
The source adds, “Jazbaa is a gritty, action-packed, intense film so there are no dance songs — just a party club song. It will be a dream come true for Sanjay if he gets Ash to sing.”

-DNA India

10 Responses to “Aishwarya may sing for Jazbaa”

  1. tulip says:

    her voice is incredible…..she can do it….she was suppose to do it before in ‘guzarish’….i hope this time it goes well…

  2. tulip says:

    @michelle, dont u think this site is too much alone…? Only few comments….u told me fans will be active once aishwarya starts filming… now jazbaa is about to release and still here is only me posting comments and u sometime replying..

  3. Michelle says:

    Fans have twitter now to comment and interact with other fans.

  4. tulip says:

    jazbaa trailer is going to release tommarrow at 1 Pm….24 Hrs to go….so excited………cant wait……….but whats about the event?

  5. tulip says:

    @michelle, i m literally crying after watching jazbaaTrailer. its absolutely wonderful, its already a winner, its out of the world, live up to all expectations, i m still crying…..sorry cant resist myself its so good plz let me know your opinion.

  6. Michelle says:

    I think Ash rocks the trailer. Trailer is very dramatic but Ash is awesome in it

  7. tulip says:

    @michelle, thanx for reply. ur opinion means alot to me… but where was you during trend period? why didnt you came to trend #jazbaaTrailer on tweeter?

  8. Michelle says:

    I was on twitter but can’t be there all the time

  9. tulip says:

    @michelle, i m feeling proud for jazbaa trailee already but have noticed something wierd when aishwarya says “kya bakwas kar rahe ho”. It seems so unnatural(unrealistic) like she is reafing book loudly….that line is too much like over acting….have you noticed this?

  10. Michelle says:

    I don’t have a problem with the way she says her line. Only part I don’t like is the opening voice over

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