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Aishwarya has been voted by the readers of Filmfare Magazine as the “Most Popular Actress” in their Filmfare 100 Years of Cinema Poll! Filmfare is Indian Cinema’s most influential and popular magazine.
Aishwarya was also chosen by readers at #2 as “Global Icon of the Year”
1. SRK 2. Aishwarya 3. Salman Khan 4. Amitabh Bachchan 5. AR Rahman.
Aishwarya the only female to make the list.

Here’s what the article said about Aishwarya:
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – The queen
Think fame. Think overwhelming beauty. Think Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. And yes, while she’s often topped beauty polls, she’s also the first Indian actress to have brought global fame to our industry, in more ways than one. As a performer too, she’s never chosen the predictable path. She’s been a muse to avant garde directors like Mani Ratnam, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Rajeev Menon… And if her last release Guzaarish is anything to go by, the actress has mastered the art of attacking complex roles with particularly interesting results. Known for her quirky individualism, not only is Aishwarya a reservoir of talent but has the charisma of an eternal star. And no one can take that away from her.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wins the poll with 29% votes

Aishwarya also made the list with 2 dances in the category of Top 5 Most Popular Dance Sequences – 1. Chaiyyan Chaiyyan 2. Dola Re 3. Ek Do Teen 4. Kajre Re 5. Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai

Amitabh Bachchan was chosen by readers as “Most Influential Actor”

Congrats to Aishwarya and everyone who voted for her!

81 Responses to “Aishwarya Chosen as FILMFARES Most Popular Actress”

  1. Masterstroke says:

    Now, I have stopped taking media seriously. They can be very biased most of the time. Remember in 2011-12, every channel was hell-bent on proving that Kareena is #1 in every aspect….even though V

  2. Masterstroke says:

    Now, I have stopped taking media seriously. They can be very biased most of the time. Remember in 2011-12, every channel was hell-bent on proving that Kareena is #1 in every aspect….even though vidya got every award and Kat got the biggest hits last year. So much so that all channels were calling ra1 a “superhit” in kareena’s case and a “flop” in SRK’s!!! you must have noticed it too.

    And that article is as blind as it can get. Shilpa was never a star so how can she even fade away? Madhuri left this country so that’s justified as well. Aishwarya hasn’t done a movie in 2 years but she still is popular.
    Just ignore these idiotic reports they are worthless.
    BTW did anybody noticed how Farah took Aish’s name all of a sudden? Oh I am very optimistic.. :)

  3. Masterstroke says:

    I know right! I don’t watch zoom anymore since all you see in is Salman-SRK , Ranbir-Kat. And they always soung so arrogant like they are the best channel is the world or something…
    And I saw E24 was less than a month for some reason and it was soooo cheap! in quality as well as reporting! When Aish abhi were at the magic bus event with children, they made a report on how Aish was not even able to stand because of her weight! And “jiski biwi moti” playing on the background! how rude!! If I were in Aish’s place and had seen it, I might have blasted my TV off in anger!
    I have almost stopped watching any Bollywood channel because they all are worthless. Only ‘etc’ which is straight to the point.

  4. @aishfan

    emirates 24/7, bollywood life, zoom, n many more sites r biggest hater of aishwarya. So dnt hope that they wil write something.

    N how does it matter to u. When u knw the truth.. Aishwarya was/is media’s favorite target to attack. So just dont bother these things

  5. @aishfan

    do u read that article talking abt BEBOMAN’s downfall by DNA

    They said,her time is over in industry.

  6. Aishfan says:

    Interesting everyone has noticed how biased parts of the media are against Aishwarya. But why is that? Media people are jealous because Aishwarya’s Hollywood connection or what? Shouldn’t they be proud? I just don’t get how anyone can not be happy for someone who is doing well. Maybe because I have never been that way. Maybe it’s the Indian mentality, to bring other Indians down instead of celebrating their success or praising them. I know it’s far-fetched but does anyone think some celeb is paying the media to write bad things about Aish? Media still links Aishwarya with Salman! Which is the biggest thing I don’t understand. How can they repeatedly join their names especially since Aishwarya is married? Is Salman paying the media to write about him & Aish? Even in Hollywood the western media doesn’t keep linking exes together. Indian media and sites are cheap and they know nothing about journalism. First rule of journalism is don’t be biased! But they’re always biased.

  7. Aishfan says:

    @ Masterstroke They are experts in bringing Aishwarya down. Instead of focusing on the positive they focus on the negative. How many articles are there of the charity work she’s done over the years? And how many articles are there about her weight gain & how so & so overtook her, & about her & Salman, her fashion faux pas? I’m not asking for media to be nice to her all the time. I don’t blame them for reporting about her weight gain, but there are limits. To make a video and put elephant noises & saying it’s her “duty to lose weight,” is going too far. American media has criticized the way India handled Aishwarya’s weight gain. You know you have a problem when the west, who has impossible beauty standards & where size 0 is in is criticizing you. I just want news to be reported without any bias.

  8. Masterstroke says:

    They hate to see anyone trying to do something different. Everybody remembers that Aishwarya did bad unsuccessful English movies like Mistress of spices, last legion but nobody remembers, or should I say is ready to accept that she dis successful movies like BnP and gave amazing performance in the hit ‘provoked.’ They are experts in pointing out mistakes especially when you try to do something different. Aishwarya was criticized for her acting in the early years of her career but when she did art house movies, chose challenging roles like that of a rape victim, a manipulative widow, a depressed lower-middle class woman, a victiim of domestic violence, a business tycoon, a tom-boy, a women who develops feelings for her kidnapper, etc but do media remembers it? no. they remember that she did movies like aa ab laut chale, albela, etc.
    They remember her fashion disasters (most of which are not really bad) at cannes but don’t remember she was a jury member and her movies have been screened there.
    Game changers are not celebrated in India. Thankfully Aishwarya is in a position where she is respected and has love from her fans and from Bollywood. She is special. :)

  9. @aishfan

    even though i am indian. I dnt have to say ths

    but india media is garbage. U cant expect ‘ yea, this is the limit’ becoz the next time u wil see they wil set new example of low level,cheapness.. They r going low day by day

    so just chill.

  10. I am nt fan of aishwarya becz of her outer beauty

    i love her becoz she is the one, who survived all these years with this harsh critcism n definitly shows everybody their places (khans, ugly media etc) she was like ‘get lost u bastards do watever u want, i am the QUEEN’ n she is. True gem

  11. Aishfan says:

    @ Masterstroke you have very excellent points there! I remember back in 09′ when Aishwarya did Pink Panther. Indian media instead of focusing on the fact that Aishwarya is going to be a part of something huge with actors like Steve Martin, Andy Garcia, etc they decided to make a big deal out of the fact that apparently Aishwarya wasn’t on promotional posters of the film. The Cannes episode was so ridiculous as you mentioned that even Abhishek & Aishwarya commented on it!
    starts from 3:14. love what Abhishek said.
    And Aishwarya doesn’t get credit for the variety of roles she’s done like you said doing roles like “victim, a manipulative widow, a depressed lower-middle class woman, a victiim of domestic violence, a business tycoon, a tom-boy, a women who develops feelings for her kidnapper,” that makes her an extremely versatile actress/ risk taker. She can easily just play eye candy, glamourous roles & get paid the same, but she doesn’t. I don’t like that Kareena is being called a versatile actress by media just for playing a prostitute in Chameli. Most of her other roles were generic & typical Bollywood heroine eye candy roles like KKKG, MPDH, Khushi, 3 idiots. She relies too much on starpower of other actors & that’s why she kisses upto Khans. And Aish does tamil, telegu, hindi, bengali, english all kinds of films while Kareena does only Hindi films yet she still gets called versatile.
    I have 2 theories. One, Indians have an inferiority complex. They belive everything American/western is good, so I guess when they see an Indian doing something in the west they have to bring them down because they’re jealous like why are they getting this opportunity but I’m not. I feel like all media ppl in India want to be stars & they can’t be so they channel their anger on celebs.
    Two,these papparazzis, celebrity news, mags, etc all these things ape the west most bollywood celeb news channels are modelled after Hollywood so when they see the west making a big deal out of someone’s weight they do the same. I think Indian media feels being nasty to celebs is what media’s there for.

  12. Masterstroke says:

    Very true.And on top of it all they can bring one person down to bring another up. When they have to praise Frieda pinto they will 90% of the time bring Aish’s name into the discussion for no reason. I mean, hello! Freida lives abroad, does movies there and is much much comfortable in doing nude and love-making scenes.

    And I have personally observed that some media sections have problems with a no. of celebs like Aish, SRK, PC.. the reason I suppose is that all these are game-changers in their own ways.

  13. aishu di's fan says:

    media just needs something to raise their trps
    and the best way is to target a famous glamorous above everyone personality and in our country who is better than the aishwarya rai bacchan
    remember abhishek’s dialouge agar log aapke baare me bol rahe hai to samaj lo tarikee kar rahe ho
    and till now she is the only actresss who has stood alone against all the top actors (khans, kapoor n all) and not like any other actress who constantly require shahrukh salman aamir sanjay as their friendssss………..and she has been versatile in choosing her directors tooo and do not belong to a so called single camp

  14. FACTS OF ASH(Every1 should KNOW) says:

    VIEWERS u know………When ASH came 2 industry she fell in lov with SALMAN suddenly while shooting for HDDCS, but after that, she came 2 know about real Sallu’s behavior, attitude and pain in relationships which became d worst experience in her life OR ANY ONE’S LIFE. Due to PANGA with SALLU the whole BOLLYWOOD ousted her .Which leads to RUINS her CAREER n PERSONAL LIFE .Likewise SRK n AAMIR suddenly said that, they don’t want 2 work with AISHWARYA RAI along with so many filmmakers and her contemporary like RANI MUKERJI, Because of their friendship with MR SALMAN KHAN. Till date she z dealing with that. AAMIR n SRK chooses their heroines in their own movies, but never chooses ASH FOR THEIR FILMS. That’s why she did try her hand outside BOLLYWOOD like in HOLLYWOOD n REGIONAL FILMS…….which r also successful movies.By which she got a lots of international name and FAME unlike any other INDIAN ACTORS IN D HISTORY OF INDIAN CINEMA. SHE STILL Z D INTERNATIONAL FACE OF INDIAN CINEMA, YOUNGEST INDIAN 2 HAVE PADMASHREE,HAVE FRENCH HONOUR, HAVE INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTATDOM AND NUMEROUS ACCOLADES THAT MAKES EVERY INDIAN PROUD. She z 1 of d top actresses throughout her career without help of BIGWIGS of BOLLYWOOD, unlike “KAREENA”,”KATRINA”,”RANI” etc(who have maximum successes only with KHANS). Whereas, AISH has no professional contacts with any KHANS OF BOLLYWOOD more than 12 years now.(Due to her rough patch with SALMAN). She made it into d INTERNATIONAL time magazine,people magazine and many more for d MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSONALITY IN D WORLD, which she actually deserves.

  15. Aishfan says:

    @ facts of Ash (everyone should know)

    Thanks for sharing that. Yes it’s true everything you said. When I first heard about all this I was honestly shocked! Has everyone heard about the chalte chalte incident? Ash was the original heroine in chalte chalte opposite Srk. They were shooting for the movie, & suddenly Salman came in & started causing trouble and getting physical with her. I guess it was because of his rivalry with Srk he didn’t want his then girlfriend to work with his rival. Because Salman caused a ruckus on set Srk kicked Aish out of the film & she went home packing. She was replaced with Rani. Rani was a friend of Aishwarya, but I guess after agreeing to take Aish’s place after Srk kicked Aish out, Rani & Aish drifted apart. There was no loyalty to Aish on Rani’s part, for a role in a film she was willing to sacrifice her friendship with Aish.
    Aishwarya was on 2006’s U.S people mag as one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was on time’s most influential people in 2004. Mid 2000’s she was starting to go global this was when she was more open to western cinema and all this was because of Cannes & Devdas. Devdas was her biggest movie for sure & it opened so many doors for her. No wonder she’s so close to SLB. I think he is a big reason for her success.

  16. Masterstroke says:

    I partially agree. SRK was friends with salman at that time (or atleast they were not rivals) Aish, at that time was not an ‘icon’, she was just a popular star. So SRK must have thought its easier to take salman’s side and replace Aish. He openly says he didn’t wanted to work with her because he was ‘embarrassed’ with what happened. He even replaced her with priety in veer-zaara. but unlike rani, preity called aish and asked her BF aish for her permission and ash obviously agreed and rest they say, is history. I think ash was more upset that her friend rani didn’t even talked to her about taking the role.

    I don’t think Aish will ever work with SRK again. Have you read her interview with shobha de? she said that whenever SRK and gauri used tomeet her at any event he used to apologize to her and all that was very awkward for them. They are still friends but their working together still seems to be difficult. But I wont be surprised if they did because its Bollywood, you never know.

    SCANS of her old interview:

  17. Aishfan says:

    @ masterstroke wow I never knew there was a time they were friends. But why aren’t they talking to each other anymore? Is it because of the chalte chalte incident? And if Srk & Salman were friends at that time, why did Salman have a problem with Aish working with Srk?

    Srk made a big mistake in replacing Aish. It really does prove how much Bollywood is a male dominated industry. I just can’t believe actors are calling shots about who to replace.

    Judging from the interview there doesn’t seem to be any problems between them anymore, so we might see them working together. But I don’t care whether she works with him or whoever else because at the end of the day I just want her back in films I don’t care who the actor is.

  18. Aishfan says:

    They=Srk and Salman

  19. So @aishfan is falling star on pinkvilla

    chill guys.. She kicked very hard these two loosers srk & salman on their butts

    she does not need to lick srk

    but i want to see her with srk..they make gud pair.. But with FARAH KHAN She is worst & joke of a director

  20. Masterstroke says:

    They became ‘enemies’ at Kat’s birthday party in 2008 (nobody knows what exactly happened.)
    I do hope she does a movie again with SRK because they make a good pair.

  21. @masterstroke

    aishwarya sgned longiness in 1999.. So it is nthng to do with devdas. If that is the case. Thn wat abt srk. He was also there in 2002.. He was never gven importance over there.. Evn though he was hero. It was nt abt devdas. It was abt her grace,aura and superstar quality she has

  22. Masterstroke says:

    So @aishfan is falling star on pinkvilla

    chill guys.. She kicked very hard these two loosers srk & salman on their butts

    she does not need to lick srk

    but i want to see her with srk..they make gud pair.. But with FARAH KHAN She is worst & joke of a director

    Actually….. well, never mind. ;)

  23. Aishfan says:

    @ Aishwarya Rai The reason Aishwarya was there at Cannes in the first place was because of Devdas. Without Devdas they wouldn’t be able to see her “grace, aura, and superstar quality” that made her so popular there. It all started with Devdas. This is what I have observed as someone who has followed her career.

  24. FACTS OF ASH(Every1 should KNOW) says:

    @ ALL VIEWERS….. After reading and knowing SELFISH behavior of miss RANI MUKERJI n mr SALMAN KHAN……….. we should start hating both the actors(how they both personally n professionally did with ASH)…….REALLY CHEAP RANI n SALLU………..GOD will never spare both of u.(LIKE eg KAREENA’s situation after movie HEROINE which was a DUD, because she was super exited 2 replace ASH and really mean 2 her). Because RANI always jealous us ASH’s SUCCESS n STARDOM so as SALLU just after d DISASTROUS BREAK UP.

    AFTER so much happened n speculated, ASH always maintained DIGNITY n she NEVER EVER told HASH words about any of her colleagues unlike RANI,SALLU, n KAREENA (who most of time uses their contemporary’s name/speak something bad/good 2 b in news all d time)


  25. FACTS OF ASH......(Every1 should KNOW) says:

    @ ALL VIERERS…..RANI replaced ASH in “CHALTE CHALTE”,”MANGAL PANDE”,”VEER ZAARA”,”BLACK “n many more movies according to reports.(These movies r MILESTONES IN RANI’S CAREER).Due to rani’s closeness with KHANS, YASH CHOPRA n KJO’S CAMP(DUE 2 HER PROSTITUTION IN THOSE CAMPS).But ASH never ever said about RANI’S DIRTY POLITICS 2 ruins her career.(RANI TAKES MAXIMUM ADVANTAGE OF ASH’S KHAN CRISIS)

    So AISH Z never been associated with KJO’s camp in past. NOW ALSO c z not doing movies with YASH CHOPRA’S camp for obvious reasons(DUE 2 FUCKING RANI’S CLOSENESS WITH AADI CHOPRA ).
    GOD always helps GOOD PERSONS.(AISH z happy both personally n professionally and d kind MEGA-STARDOM she has).While RANI Z STRUGGLING BOTH PROFESSIONALLY N PERSONALLY WITH lack of stardom n movies.
    So AISHWARYA always ROCKS……………..LOVE U ASH…………………..

  26. aishu di's fan says:

    yes the best part of ash is that she never criticizes anyone she said in an interview “i can also shout ont the roof top but that is not me i m thought dignity and how to behave. I have been thrown out of many films but i can’t blame anyone for it, jst bad luck i would say. But i lost trust on what we called best friendship” as told to simmi garewal in ravendoz

  27. aishu di's fan says:

    but srsly i feel she shoulb be the global icon as she is more famous
    1) she made traffic come to hault in dubai while shooting for lux
    2) in brazil she made ppl go gaga over her beauty
    3) in amsterdom tulip was named aishwarya rai
    and srf commented a tulip will now smell more fresh and look more beautiful
    4) any hollywood actress/actor when asked about bollywood they say that they don’t know many ppl but aishwarya is far most beautiful and piosed. Many have jst said that they hav watched jst seen devdas and luved the actress and cried in the climax
    5) only bollywood personality to feature maximum tyms on international magazine
    6) a magazine in october 2005 said her the global face of indian cinema
    7) most popular indian in cannes
    8) only personality to have 3 wax figures in different parts of world
    now ppl u think should not aishwarya be the global icon

  28. Aishfan says:

    @ Facts of Aish everyone should know
    I don’t think we need to start hating them. We should just be knowledgable about Rani & Salman, so when their fans attack Aishwarya as they often do especially Salman’s fans we can prove them wrong with facts.

    I never knew Rani replaced Aish in so many movies, but I think you’re incorrect about Veer-Zaara. Preity replaced Aish not Rani. But as masterstroke said I believe Preity consulted with Aish before taking the role. Preity was fantastic in Veer-Zaara she suited the role in every way. Perhaps she was better suited than Aish. Aish doesn’t look Pakistani. Preity and Aish are still friends. To be fair to Rani, she’s a great actress, but just a selfish human being. She had to struggle a lot in her career. KJO wouldn’t sign her for Kuch Kuch Hota Hai the only reason she was picked was because ALL other actresses including Aish said no. That’s probably why when the Aish- Salman crisis happened, Rani took advantage of the situation like you said.

    And you are right. Rani is struggling professional and personally. KARMA.

  29. manisha says:

    hey y r u telling wrong….top 5 global icons by filmfare r 1) SRK…..2) ASH…..3) SALMAN ……4) AMITABH
    but u put Amitabh in no3 which is false……………

  30. Michelle says:

    Calm down Rina. It was just a copy/paste error.

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