Aishwarya as Ragini

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan aka Mani Ratnam’s modern-age Sita oozes grace and expressions which sets her quite apart from her earlier films. A role that had been challenging, Aishwarya has proved the true sportive spirit of an ideal actor – acting for both Hindi and Tamil version.

In ‘Raavan’ Aishwarya plays the character Ragini, who is a classical dancer and marries police officer Dev Pratap Sharma (played by South star Vikram). Ragini becomes a victim of Naxalite leader Beera Munda (Abhishek Bachchan) who abducts her to avenge his anger on Dev for uncovering his unlawful deeds.

Calling her role extremely challenging, Aishwarya revealed that to shoot the film in Hindi and Tamil at the same time was quite a task. At the same time she remarks that the experience had been so wonderful that if the director asks her, she is ready to do it all over again. Yeah, it was truly a terrific experience we say – for they had shot in dense forest, with snakes as the spectators and nearly 300 leeches to enjoy the team’s blood. Says Ash amusingly, “All in all, it was an incredibly original experience. It was almost like being on a ‘Fear Factor’ show.”

Talking about her character in film, Ash said that Ragini is a strong woman and very relatable to the modern Indian woman and she speaks her mind.

She stated that her role was a discovery and a mystery – discovery because they used to discover fantastic locations and had got to see so many places. And mystery because she was playing the leading lady, who surprisingly was with no make-up, no fancy clothes and all drenched in rain with mud all over. But the actress was only taking out director’s order, who wanted to keep things as real as possible.

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