Aish bonds with Vikram

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has enjoyed a lot while she was shooting for Raavana as she was with her hubby all the time but she has also enjoyed working with co-star Vikram.

Source close to the shoot says, “Vikram is very humble and Aish was touched by his simplicity. Actually three of them Abhishek, Aish and Vikram had a great time while shooting. They use to enjoy a lot. But seems like Aish was very pleased by Vikram and they bonded really well. Even he was surprised as Aish was one of the favorite actresses of him and he was surprised by the fact that both were bonding so well.”

When contacted Vikram he said, “when Mani sir asked me to be a part of Hindi version of Raavana I was scared but it was my co-star Aishwarya who helped me. And I got my entire boost from her only,” says the excited Vikram.

He is also happy that now he has a bigger audience, “who doesn’t want to be a part of Bollywood. And I am glad that by doing Hindi version I will be getting a bigger audience. Where I can show my ability to all of them. Now those who don’t speak Tamil even they will watch my films. That’s something that excites me,” adds Vikram.

Talking about Ratnam he said, “Both of us were keen on working with each other but the right script we were not getting and then when he approached me for Raavana I was happy. And we agreed to work with each other. Every film has taken something from the epic. It’s not ‘Ramayana’. When you see the film, you may find the main character is like Rama. But the way he (Ratnam) has designed it, the perspective is totally different.”

“Whatever film has been made so far, they have something from ‘Ramayana’. So when you will see the film, you might find parallels. I think it’s very contemporary. Ratnam just wanted to experiment,” said Vikram.

Coming back to Aish he said the most memorable moment while shooting with Aish was, “ we becoe good friends I know but it was the most memorable moment when she gifted me exquisite crystal statue when we were done with the shoot. Its like the friendship token,” adds Vikram.


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